The concept of medical tourism has grown by leaps and bounds in the modern world, thanks to awareness and also the media making it a global term. Medical Tourism is a term used to define the process of travelling to other countries where the cost of healthcare and surgery is much lower and getting the treatment done. For example, say a surgery costs 200000$ in the United States and the same costs just about 10000$ in India; the patient would be able to save many times the amount of money by travelling to India and get the surgery done rather than getting it done in the United States. Even after deducting the cost of travelling like flight tickets etc., it would be a huge money saver for the patient. The concept of medical tourism has also made healthcare affordable to people in developed countries who have a lower income because of the arbitrage in the medical expenses between two countries.


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Arranging Flights and Visas: We coordinate your flights and return ticket. Also your visas if necessary. Some citizens do not need to take visas for entering the country. Healthcare Tour cannot accept responsibility for health tourist missing aircraft due to late arrival of connecting aircraft or for late check-in at the airport. Flight delays may occur. We do not accept any responsibility for any delay. Normally will be the responsibility of the airline company. Flight timings and days of operation are subject to change. Healthcare Tour will be responsible for such delays or changes and related services. We indemnify against such eventualities.

Transferring From the Airport: We transfer you from the airport in the city of choice, to the accommodation or hospital. Of course, your accommodation is going to be arranged before you come. Our English speaking guide is going to be with you all the time.

Informing About Treatment: When made your decision, we send you CV of the surgeon and also pictures and map of the hospital before you come. We organize physical examination with the surgeon. If any pre-operative tests advised by the surgeon, we will help you. If there is a pre-existing condition it will be at additional cost.

We organize the transfer of your medical records; laboratory results and radiological examinations etc.

In the event of a dispute between you and the surgeon this would be conducted under the country in which your operation took place unless otherwise agreed.

If there is additional costs due to complications these costs will either be extra or included in the initial quote. Please check at the time of booking whether there will be a risk of additional costs for your operation.

Making Hotel Reservations: We make a hotel reservation that you choose in advance. There are lots of hotels for each budget in Turkey. Upon confirmation of your medical treatment and accommodation if applicable, a deposit will be required. Also if you want we can help you to rent a car.

English Speaking Staff: Don’t worry about communication. First our assistants, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are able to speak English.

Organizing Tours and Sightseeing: After stressful medical procedures you may want to relax. Let us do this work. We organize tours and sightseeing for you. You will be fascinated by Turkey’s unique landscape. Our guide is going to help you for touring. You just choose what you want; historical places, beaches, nightlife, nature etc.

Eating Delicious Things: In the big cities you can find all kinds of international cuisine. You can taste delicious Turkish cuisine. Famous fast food names are available also.

Health Insurance: No matter which medical procedure you need or want to have done, the cost is always an issue. Medical tourism has emerged as a very affordable alternative to having surgery.

So if you want to take medical treatment from a foreign country you should ask the terms of insurance. Because even if you have health insurance in your country, the insurance company will not provide any international coverage.

In this case you can afford to pay for your own medical procedure overseas. It’s worth checking with your health insurance company to see if they offer any coverage.

Patient Safety: The common question asked about medical tourism is whether or not safe. Healthcare Tour provides you the best medical treatments. Our partners provide care and safety standards with The Joint Commission Perspective on Patient Safety. So what is The Joint Commission Perspective on Patient Safety? Joint Commission's Perspectives on Patient Safety is to train and instruct healthcare organizations how to reduce and prevent errors and to continuously follow standards of quality and efficient patient care.

In the hospital your surgeon inform you about the significant risks and side effects of the surgery. And more importantly, in Turkey there is hardly ever malpractice case.

At the end you don’t need to vaccinate when you are entering Turkey.




Turkey medical treatment programs


Eye Surgery

Face Lifting

Medical checkup

Fertility Treatments



Nose Surgery

Chin Implants

Hair Transplantation

Plastic Surgery

Tips for medical travelers

Advanced LevelBrain Mapping Antaging Cebrebrospinal
Surgey Treatments
Dialysis General Check-Up
General Surgey
Gynecologic Treatments Hand Surgey
Hair Trasplantation 
by fue Method
IVF Treatment
Medical Esthetics
Mouth and Dental
Health Treatments
Organ Transplant
Orthopedic Trratments Plastic and Reconstructive
Surgeyry Treatments
Urology Treatments Thermal Rehabilitation

Istanbul Incoming Tours is designed to provide special health services to the tourists. It is the new way to facilitate the increasing amounts of tourist that visit interesting corners of the world. Turkey, being one of the developing nations of the world, is striving extremely hard to improve its health tourism.

According to some learned figures of Turkey, the country is on the path to become one of the leading destinations for health tourism. Authentic sources claim that over 130,000 visit Turkey for healthcare tourism. Over the past few years, there is rapid improvement in health care facilities resulting in a high number of people moving to Turkey.




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