Antalya is one of the famous city in Trkey, especially with beaches, historical places and natural waterfalls. Also, Antalya was a major city in the Byzantine Empire Theme of Carabisiani, which occupied the southern coasts of Asia Minor and the Aegean Islands. At the time of the accession of John II Comnenus, The following year, with the aid of his commander in chief John Axuch, John II drove the Turks from the land routes to Antalya and reconnected the city with the rest of the empire. The city, along with the surrounding region, was conquered by the Seljuk Turks in the early 13th century.

Combining history and culture it deserves the title of ’capital of Turkish tourism’. Today the city of Antalya is reliving a golden age. It has been transformed into a cultural and touristic hub with hotels featuring concepts such as ‘Venice’, ‘Topkapi Palace’ and Moscow cathedrals. Kaleici, the rustic old town where historic Turkish and Greek houses are under protection, is the most popular center in Antalya. It will be very interesting experience to stay in Kaleici of Antalya during your traviling to Turkey, Antalya. It is situated between the yacht harbor and the main city. Old houses separated by narrow, cobble-stone roads are now hotels and tourism-related shops. Traces of Byzantine, Roman and Seljuk architecture and culture can still be seen. Antalya museums house finds belonging from historic ages of Anatolia. Highlighted tours are Aspendos & Perge, waterfals, daily boat cruise, manavgat, kursunlu waterfalls.
Also, Antalya is one of the best destionation to visit Kekova, Cirali, Adrasan, Kas, Side, Antalya that you should include those places on your itinerary when you are traveling to Turkey. 


About Antalya

Top Spots

Also known as the Turkish Riviera Antalya, where the pine-clad Toros (Taurus) Mountains sweep down to the sparkling clear sea, is the tourism capital of Turkey. The region, bathed in sunshine for 300 days of the year, is a paradise for sunbathing, swimming, and sports activities like windsurfing, waterskiing, sailing, mountain climbing and spelunking.



* Antalya is located among various natural beauties. With its boulevards lined with palm trees, it is considered to be the most important tourism center within Turkey. Antalya’s marina has even won many international merits and awards. Kaleiçi, located to the side of Antalya city boasts of narrow alleyways of old wooden houses lined up against aged and historical city walls. Antalya has always been a desired area amongst both travelers and settlers throughout history. 


Before the Ottoman Empire, the Roman, Byzantine and Seljuk Empires ruled the city. Yivli Minareli Cami (The Fluted Minaret Mosque) that was built by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat of Seljuks in the 13th century and since its establishment it remains a well-known symbol of Antalya. During the same period in time, the Karatay Madrasah, also located in Kaleici, showcases the best example of the stone workman ships of the Seljuks.


The two of the most important mosques in Antalya city include the Muratpasa Mosque of the 18th century, and the İskele Mosque located next to the marina, which was built during 19th century from cut stones on four columns above a natural spring. Hıdırlık was built as a lighthouse in the 2nd century AD. Kesik Minareli(The cut minaret)Mosque showcases the brief history of the city that has been witness to the rule of the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman empires. A three-vaulted gate was built in 130 AD to honor the Empire. The Hadrian Gate still can be seen with its entire splendor, with the watchtower in Kale Kapısı Square that was also part of the old city walls.


The rocky coastline of Central Antalya has hotels with platform beaches. We recommend a trip to Terracity, with its large shopping center, for either a short break or quick business trip.





Antalya Resort Details:



Konyaaltı – Has beautiful pebble beaches, with reasonably priced hotels for our younger crowds.


Lara Kundu – Is known for its first class hotels with excellent family infrastructure, perfect for both kids and parents alike. Their wide, sandy beaches also make it a worthwhile visit.


* Belek –  located 30 km southwest of Antalya and the airport, is considered the newest resort region of Turkey. This region is known for its beautiful eucalyptus and pine forests, as well as its rich flora and fauna. This is one of the few corners of Turkey unique to an array of bird species. On of the symbolic birds to Belek include the Tuto-Alba owl. Infinitely wide ranges of sandy beaches are home to hotels built and equipped with the latest technology. In this region with its five-star hotels and clubs of the eloquent architecture, offers intriguing pools and large scenic gardens. Belek is the perfect place for lovers of outdoor sports and recreation. Nearly all the hotels have their own golf courses where you can take private lessons. The harmonious combination of wildlife and nature mixed with well developed resort infrastructures attracts many tourists around the world.





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